Expressions MBA Bootcamp

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Expressions MBA Bootcamp

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Module 1 - The Irresistible Offer

  • Don’t need to be salesy, pushy, or extroverted. You just need an irresistible offer
  • An irresistible offer = a ridiculously one-sided, no-lose (for the client) deal that the client would be STUPID to pass up

Module 2 - How to Find High-Paying Clients

  • “Photos = junk mail”
  • Where high-potential clients (prospects) are “hiding” online
  • How to get prospects to “raise their hand” to take you up on your irresistible offer

Module 3 - Risk Reversal

  • How to build trust and rapport quickly and effectively through stories
  • Creating a no-lose situation for the prospect so they have no logical reason not to sign up today

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