A pharmacist by trade and a photographer by passion, Eric has been photographing his family and friends since his grandfather bought him his first digital camera, an Olympus, in 1999.

When his dad passed away in 2014, thumbing through old family photos was a way Eric grieved the loss of his dad, helping him to remember and relive the precious but short-lived moments he spent with his dad.

Eric realized that photos have a magical quality about them. Photos have a unique way of bringing your awareness back to the exact moment in time when they were taken, whether it happened a week ago or decades past. 

At his friend Nikhil's suggestion, he picked up a Nikon D5300 and started fooling around with the exposure and settings on his new toy. Eric took his Nikon with him on his travels from the stunning Pacific Coast Highway to the unparalleled rib shacks and authentic blues bars of Memphis. 



During this time, he learned everything he could about photography and technique. At the same time, he developed his signature offbeat style - or as he likes to call it "photography with ATTITUDE."

Pricing & Inquiries

For pricing & inquiries or to schedule a shoot, please text Eric at (856) 426-5702.