I've always had a slight suspicion that this is true. But, now there is scientific proof to back this up - I, Eric Wang, am a creative genius!

Ok, Kanye…massive eye roll

This past weekend, I was given an awesome opportunity… and a challenge. Arupa B. and Jakai J. wanted to do a couples shoot in Philly on Sunday. And Mary M. booked an appointment with me on Sunday as well - at the same time. We're all busy people, and I wanted to make it work for both parties. So, the thought occurred to me…why don't we just do these shoots at the SAME TIME. We'll make it into a field trip. We'll hit a couple photo worthy locations in Philly, we'll glam it up, bring some costume changes, get a little food, get a little exercise (walking through half the city), and get some sexy-ass shots in at the same time.

Luckily, Arupa, Jakai, and Mary were down with the idea. We battled some serious wind chill and frostbite yesterday (Cue The Weeknd's “I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You”), but Arupa and crew were all troopers. If I had gold star stickers on hand, each of them would have gotten a gold star.

We all hit it off and became pretty good friends. We had a seriously fun time, and nobody had to use their safe word (Arupa and Jakai's safe word = balloons; Mary's = tater-tots; mine = teletubbies). And, to top it off, the shots turned out pretty decent. You can check them out here.