No, it's not because I have some sort of crazy fetish or because I want to reenact a scene from, "50 Shades of Grey."

It's because I want to always push the boundaries of my art. I tell my clients the reason why I do what I do and say what I say during shoots is not to traumatize them or scar them emotionally. The reason - and the only reason - why I do what I do during shoots is to squeeze out EVERY OUNCE of sex and attitude into each and every photo.

As humans, we like safe. We like secure. It's the reason we stay at jobs we hate or barely tolerate. It's the reason we stay with those who don't challenge us, don't excite us, and don't truly love us for who we really are. Art that is safe and secure is bland, and, frankly, pretty sad. As a photographer, I push my models to the limit. Yes, my shoots can be long. Yes, they can be tedious. Yes, they - more often than not - are emotionally and physically exhausting. But, the photos - my models (almost) always agree - are worth it.