I swear to God, some people are so goddamn serious, it kills me.

I get it. You got bills to pay. Your kid woke you up at 3 in the morning. Loved ones pass away.

Trust me, I know. When my dad passed away unexpectedly in 2014, the last thing on my mind was how to have more fun. But, hard as it was to let go and find my bearings again, I learned - really took to heart - an important lesson that fundamentally changed my attitude towards life, the way I choose to live my life, and, as a result, my approach to photography and shoots.

We got one life to live, and it is f*cking short. For a while, we can go about life wandering about, being bored, upset, pissed off, not really caring in general because we're under the impression that we'll be here forever. But sometimes things like celebrity deaths or funerals of loved ones can shock us into realizing that life is precious and -  unless we enjoy being miserable - we gotta make each day (even at your job) as fun as possible.

That's why my shoots are all about FUN.

One thing I enjoy doing is setting up and going on glamour field trips. What's a glamour field trip, you ask? It's when I chauffeur a couple clients in my Prius, we bring 2 or 3 changes of clothes (or your whole closet, as if you're moving into my car - if you're reading this right now, you know who you are). Then, we take the city by storm, leaving confused bystanders and roars of laughter in our wake. Simply put, for the day, we forget about our jobs, our obligations, our to-do lists, and we just have fun and pretend to be Calvin Klein models.

At the end of the day, at a nice restaurant, over a delicious meal, we go over the incredibly sexy and hilarious shots we took, and we choose the best ones of the bunch.

That is my approach to photography - and to life. Cheers!

For more info regarding our next glamour field trip, please contact Eric at 856-426-5702 or eric@expressionsbyericwang.com.