One of the perks of being a photographer is always having a good excuse to hang out with a hot girl. 

My friend had two tickets to the Kimmel Center to see an Asian-themed show called Shen Yun but couldn’t make it due to a work commitment that came up. Always eager to help, I offered him a chance to not let the tickets go to waste.

So I invited True X. out - and I figured since she was Asian, she would enjoy the show and also be able to help me understand what was going on (as I am essentially a Caucasian in a Asian man’s body).

Along with True, I brought along my new NIKKOR 85mm short telephoto lens. Weather was on the colder side, a bit chilly but still decent. Since we were in the City Hall area anyway, we figured we’d give my new lens a spin.

Attracted by the heat lamps outside the downtown Marriott, we also obnoxiously turned their hotel lobby into a photo shoot location. Apparently, hotel lobbies tend to have awesome lighting for portrait and glamour shots - who would have known??

This is the result.