Photography is magic. In a world where change is constant, reminding us that life is beautiful but too short, photos allow us to capture life's most beautiful moments forever.

I believe that everyone - regardless of skin tone,  age, or weight - is beautiful. It is the photographer's job to set the right lighting, angles, and exposure to bring out the natural beauty in their subject. Moreover, it is up to the photographer to coach the model and create a vibe that inspires authentic smiles and attitude.

I believe that all unforgettable photos contain one of three elements: soul, personality, and humor. I only keep shots that display at least 2 of the 3 elements.

I believe that everyone deserves to have their most beautiful moments captured. My pricing is therefore very flexible, and Im willing to work out payment plans that work for all parties.

I believe that sharing photos is one of the highest forms of intimacy. Sharing photos requires vulnerability, trust, and boldness. To share a photo is to say, "this is who I am" and "I want to share my life with you." Thank you for dropping by and letting me share these moments with you

Services offered

Engagement Portraits - capture love and romance in unforgettable shots that will make even Aphrodite blush

Glamour Portraits/Headshots - want to look like a Armani Exchange model? kickstart your modeling career with photos that make you look like you just stepped out of the cover of VOGUE

Event Photos - planning an unforgettable event? capture all the fun and wild memories together, long after the tequila has worn off

Family Portraits - what is life without the people that matter the most? don't worry, we'll make your family look less dysfunctional than it really is

our promise

Satisfaction guaranteed? F*ck that. Sure, I want you to be satisfied - but I'd prefer it if you were overjoyed beyond words with your shots. I take great pride in my work, and we'll take as many shots as it takes until you are so ecstatic that you are sprinting home Forrest Gump-style to write me an amazing review on Yelp.  

If you're not completely satisfied with your shots, we'll not only refund your money in full; we'll also get you a $5 gift card to Starbucks. That is the level of commitment and service you can expect to receive from us.


Amy P. (via Yelp) - Words cannot describe how blown away I was with Eric's work. He came in knowing exactly what my friend and I wanted to accomplish with our pictures and he captured every essence of our personalities throughout the shoot. He also let us know he was looking for fun with a little attitude on the shoots which actually helped loosen both of us up as we are both camera shy. 

He knew exactly how to capture emotion and expressions while taking in our surroundings. His use of light and angles was on point as well! We gave him a very limited time to capture the pictures and he went above and beyond what we had imagined. Not to mention, he had editing and refinished the pictures and provided us a link to access the pictures within 24 hours of our shoot!!

Impeccable work and his personality just makes it so easy to work with him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture sentimental moments to anyone in need of professional head shots - he can do it all!!

True X. (via Yelp) - I had a fantastic time with Eric during our shoot.  I have to say I was a little hesitant at first, but his jokes and quips helped me loosen up. 

[Eric] was also very understanding and knows how to work with the subjects and their strengths.  He'll never push you out of your comfort zone. Admittedly there were a few times I thought that the poses were silly or that the shot was taking too long, but the magic in the photo's do not lie!   By utilizing the lighting and the atmosphere around he really knows how to perfect his art!

I keep getting likes and comments on my pictures on FB, (someone actually thought I was in a movie) and I always tag Eric's name or link his page. 

Thanks for making me look like a movie star Eric!

Tish P. (via Yelp) - First of all, I want to start off by saying this photoshoot with Eric was my first shoot EVER. I am very camera shy and made that clear to him before setting up our shoot appointment. I wanted to make sure he suggested the right amount of time needed considering I can be a bit rigid and stoic. Also, I had picked a venue (The Pyramid Club) that Eric had never been to while demanding we strictly wanted professional headshots/pictures for business purposes only. 

With all that being said, Eric definitely knows how to loosen up his clients even if you're as stoic as me. He suggested it would only take 1.5 hours for headshots for two of us and let me tell you that it took him way less than that. I was certainly skeptical since he was honest enough to tell me that this was his first time doing a professional shoot since his taste is more on the eclectic side. So, now all skepticism aside, I can say it only took him an hour but he used the rest of the time to capture some "fun" pictures of us. He also spent much time with us AFTER the shoot going over what we liked and didn't like - which most photographers wouldn't take the time to do. Furthermore, he edited the pictures in less than 24 hours!! 


Lastly, what I forgot to mention is that Eric is very detail oriented and kind. He was willing to sit down with us before the shoot and discuss our vision, goal, and what we wanted to get out of the pictures. Unfortunately, due to time constraints on our project, we didnt have the time to meet with him before the shoot but he still nailed it. We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. Looking forward to working with him again!

Dana Y. (via Yelp) - I had so much fun on my photoshoot with Eric! I've never done any modeling before so I was a little nervous going into it. Eric told me exactly what to do so it wasn't awkward at all. He was able to make me laugh the whole time and the experience was awesome!

The photos came out amazing and I would definitely recommend Eric for a photoshoot or for any photography needs.

Taylor J. (via Yelp) - Eric is such a character!!! SO much fun to work with, I can't wait for our next shoot. His skill and his charisma makes him second to none. Again, I will emphasize the fun... Kept everyone laughing the whole time!!

Ty S. (via Yelp) - Eric took modeling pictures of me recently, they are by far the best pictures that have been taken of me. He also listens to what you have to say, or idea unlike most of these photographers. I highly recommend Eric to everyone. Whenever I need pictures I'll be visiting Eric. Thank you and listen to me. You will not be let down

Annie C. (via Yelp) - I had an amazing time with Eric. This was my first time taking pictures like this and he made everything comfortable and fun!He never got frustrated when I didn't know what to do. He's patient. He gave a lot of good tips and is very good at what he does. I love the way my pictures came out and would deffiantly keep going back to him!! Love you Eric!!!! Your great!

Joey S. (via Yelp) - Working with Eric is such a great experience. He always listens to what the models have to say. He's very fun and an awesome guy to be around. I would recommend him to everyone that wants photos taken. He takes the most amazing photos that I have ever seen. It was such a pleasure working with him!

Ma L. (via Yelp) - Eric was extremely professional! It was honestly the most fun I've ever had in a photoshoot. The photos came out amazing and I couldn't be happier with the result. I would highly recommend Eric for your next event to capture those special moments! 

Nicole S. (via Yelp) - Working with Eric was a pleasure. Not only is he extremely talented but he made the experience fun, comfortable, and entertaining. I would work with him again in a second, and recommend any model or person to do the same! 

He really did a great job with getting me out of my comfort zone. I felt at ease behind his camera. That's how photographer/model relationship should be and it was interesting to experience it since most photographers I've worked with haven't had that ability quite like Eric.


Connect with eric


Phone/Text   856-426-5702







eric's mission

Hi, my name is Eric, and I love taking photos of people - singles, couples, families, children, models, babies, you name it. 

I believe that everyone - regardless of race, weight, or age - is beautiful. The part that is most fun for me is choosing the right angles, lighting, and lenses to bring out the natural beauty of my clients (instead of artificially crafting "beauty" via Photoshop). 


What excites me about portrait photography is seeing the smiles on my clients' faces when they see their finished shots. Many of my clients have often shied away from the camera because of the unrealistic standards of beauty created by the media or hurtful things that were said about their physical appearance in the past. And, when they see the proofs of our shots, many have literally cried. To be able to boost someone's self-esteem via my art is priceless and the reason why I do what I do.

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