Since we started Expressions Glamour Club in May 2016, we've helped over 50 photographers turn their passion to profit, by:

  1. providing top modeling talent and world-class venues from which to build exceptional portfolios that attract paid work, and

  2. providing opportunities to get paid top dollar, shooting only the models they want to shoot.


Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, we thought you'd say that. Before you dismiss us as a scam, check out our behind-the-scenes videos and our active Facebook community.


What We Provide


TOP MODELING TALENT.  Each model is extensively vetted to meet our exacting standards of conduct, professionalism and fit for our culture. 

WORLD CLASS VENUES. We SHOOT in the most lavish suites of some of the most elite venues in Philadelphia and NYC: The Ritz Carlton. The Plaza Hotel. 1 Hotel Central Park. The Langham Place Fifth Avenue.

EXCLUSIVE SHOOTING EXPERIENCES. We shoot 6 to 8 times a month In both NYC and Philadelphia. We aspire to create a SHOOTING eXPERIENCE based on collaboration, open sharing of ideas, creative experimentation, and mutual benefit.


If you are a photographer who wants to make exceptional money ($9000+/month) shooting top-of-the-line agency models on your own schedule, I have some good news and some bad news. 



Due to a severe shortage of jobs and no guarantee of a stable paycheck, photography is one of the hardest professions to break into and survive. That’s not pessimism. It's just a fact.

Modern technology has brought the power of DSLR’s into the hands of the average consumer. Photography is not just for professionals anymore - it's available to everyone who can afford a $500 camera.

According to US labor statistics, there were just under 125,000 photography job openings in 2016 that offered an average annual pay of $30,000. Not really promising.



There are photographers making $200,000 or more a year. And you can be one of them.

However, success in photography is less about camera skills and more about a mix of strong business acumen and sales savvy. 

Also, while there is a limited market for those who are willing to pay top dollar for top-quality photographs, there is no shortage of photographers who want to make money shooting top modeling talent. 

Our proprietary profit-sharing allows you to make a virtually unlimited amount of income from this demographic by providing you with time-tested sales strategies to make you money as soon as today.

With our proprietary profit-sharing program, we only get paid when you get paid. Therefore, we are fully committed to your success (and ours!).

 Can you really build a profitable, stress-free photography business around taking photos of only models you're excited to work with?


Why most photographers fail to turn their passion into profits

Most photographers spend thousands on camera equipment, lens, and lighting equipment but absolutely refuse to invest in quality models. It's an ugly thing to say out loud, but the truth is that a photographer who takes average photos of beautiful models will often make 10 times more in revenue than a photographer who takes beautiful photos of average models.


Unwillingness to think outside the Fee-for-Service Box.


The High Barriers to Entry




Unwillingness to take the necessary steps. Cutting Corners.

It's expensive to put together a full-scale quality shoot which

Expense/Budget per Shoot

2 models @ $150-$250/hr x 3 hrs = $900-$1500


MUA/stylist = $200

Venue = $800-$1500

Wardrobe = $200

Lighting/Equipment Rental + Transportation Fees = $300


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