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photos taken at past Expressions Events



GORGEOUS MODELS. Each model is personally vetted and selected to assure they are gorgeous, fun and easy to work with. We provide a wide variety of models, with new rising stars mixed in with resident models who have a proven track record of being astonishingly attractive, fun, and easy to work with.

STUNNING VENUES. From upscale hotel suites to unique picturesque urban and pastoral backdrops, we provide a safe, fun shooting environment in which models feel comfortable to express themselves freely and photographic magic can happen. 

WORLD-CLASS SHOOTING EXPERIENCES. We aim to provide an unforgettable shooting experience for both photographers and models alike. We do a wide variety of glamour shoots, including fitness, boudoir/lingerie, swimsuit, high-fashion, lifestyle, and nude/implied shoots. At every shoot, each photographer is given the option to shoot one-on-one with any of the models. 

NOTE: A signed release is provided for everyone at the shoot, so you can post any photos taken at the shoot anywhere, for personal or commercial purposes.

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Satisfaction guaranteed? Sure, I want you to be satisfied - but I'd prefer it if you were overjoyed beyond words with your shooting experience. We strive to provide world-class shooting experiences and, if your experience with us is anything less than world-class, you'll get your full deposit back - that's right, I'll give you a 100% refund of every single penny you paid to attend - and you can go ahead and use the photos you took from the shoot however you like!



Monthly membership rate works out to as little as $54 per event - which is, frankly, an amazing deal considering that:

- We only shoot at top-notch venues (5-star hotels, etc.) with models of the highest caliber (who normally charge $120+/hr per shoot).

- Other photography meetup groups often charge $80-$150 per event for model shoots.

- The regular rate of admission for our shoots is $90-$180, due to the cost of the venues and models we select.


Cancel your membership at any time, without penalties or fees for canceling.


Your monthly membership comes with one 30-minute private or two 15-minute privates every month. 


Once you sign up at the monthly rate you are signed up at, your membership rate will never go up, as long as you remain a member*


$69 / month. Cancel anytime. No sign-up or cancellation fees. This rate is available for a limited time only. Sign up now to lock in the amazing rate of $69/month

Once you sign up for membership, you can attend each event for 50%-85% off the non-member price of every shoot, as well as other member-only perks.

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*The only exception is if you choose to discontinue your membership, and decide to sign up again for the monthly membership. Rates for monthly membership are subject to change. Your rate is locked in at the time you sign up, and will not change as long as you stay a member.


James C. - Eric is a passionate artist who strives to create sessions that are beneficial to both the photographer and model. His commitment to his art, his hard work and his sense of giving back are admirable. I glad to become associated with Eric's group and look forward to working with him in the future.

Shaun M. - Excellent group!! I had an awesome!! Positive, friendly and productive

Dustin H. - On April 17th, I attended the VIP Spring Swimsuit & Boudoir Shoot with Expressions. It was my first Expressions event, as well as my first model shoot. I honestly had no idea what to expect and will admit that I started to get a bit nervous during the hours leading up to it.

Once inside, however, I met the organizer, Eric, and he introduced me to the other photographers and suddenly shooting was underway. Eric had arranged 4 models to attend, all who were absolutely beautiful and really knew their stuff.

As the sun set on the evening, we shifted locations to the rooftop, where we were able to take some stunning images during the "magic hour."

All in all, everyone was cool to work with and I came away with great photos, experience, and some new contacts. I would definitely recommend this group to anyone from intermediate to even very experienced photographers.

Jim Y. - After editing a bunch of pics today, I realized how glad I was to have gone to this shoot! The rooftop shots with the sunset really made it rock big time. Great location! Natalie, Jen, Anna and Lauren were fabulous, they really brought it and the pics show it! Thanks a lot Eric for gathering those lovelies! Hats off to my fellow photographers. Good time shootin' with ya guys. Your pics rock! 

Nicole P. - I've been modeling for 7 years now and have been published more time than I can count. There are times that you can get a great photo with a photographer and times that you can get a great photo but have a terrible time with the photographer. 

In this case, Eric is very humble, talented, and extremely professional. He has sky-rocketed into this industry due to his ability to make art with anything surrounding him.
I would recommend any model to have Eric shoot your next photography sessions because I can't wait until we work together again. 

He makes everything a lot of fun, relaxed, and you won't have a doubt in your mind in whom you are working with.

Taylor J. - Eric is such a character!!! SO much fun to work with, I can't wait for our next shoot. His skill and his charisma makes him second to none. Again, I will emphasize the fun... Kept everyone laughing the whole time!!

Joey S. - Working with Eric is such a great experience. He always listens to what the models have to say. He's very fun and an awesome guy to be around. I would recommend him to everyone that wants photos taken. He takes the most amazing photos that I have ever seen. It was such a pleasure working with him!

Annie C. - I had an amazing time with Eric. This was my first time taking pictures like this and he made everything comfortable and fun!

He never got frustrated when I didn't know what to do. He's patient. He gave a lot of good tips and is very good at what he does. I love the way my pictures came out and would definitely keep going back to him!! Love you Eric!!!! You're great! 

Nicole S. - Working with Eric was a pleasure. Not only is he extremely talented but he made the experience fun, comfortable, and entertaining. I would work with him again in a second, and recommend any model or person to do the same! 

He really did a great job with getting me out of my comfort zone. I felt at ease behind his camera. That's how photographer/model relationship should be and it was interesting to experience it since most photographers I've worked with haven't had that ability quite like Eric.

Dana Y. - I had so much fun on my photoshoot with Eric! I've never done any modeling before so I was a little nervous going into it. Eric told me exactly what to do so it wasn't awkward at all. He was able to make me laugh the whole time and the experience was awesome!

Mary M. - Eric was extremely professional! It was honestly the most fun I've ever had in a photoshoot. The photos came out amazing and I couldn't be happier with the result. I would highly recommend Eric for your next event to capture those special moments! 

Heidi B. - What a great experience! It was great working with such a friendly group! Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Fernanda V. - Hey everyone, Nice to meet you guys, I had so much fun, Eric is the best!!!!!!!

Michael K. - Had a great time. Eric, you're a great leader. You're all amazing

Tyler S. - My names Ty. I'm a male model and when I say Eric has helped me take my modeling career to the next level I mean it.

What an amazing photographer, I highly recommend Eric to anyone who wants pictures for whatever it is. He's the most funniest/fun guy to work with. I've done 3 photo shoots with Eric and not 1 has been a let down. Instead all have raised the bar for others. This guy is top notch.